Tokenize the World

An open-source and permissionless sidechain layer that provide to anyone a clear interface where create, manage and track tokenized assets.

Sidechain Layer

Translation of real world assets into Scrypta blockchain

Digitalize and convert anything into a supply of digital assets through the process of "tokenization". That way the physical good, once tokenized, become "fungible", can be transferred, fractioned, stored or traded electronically between different people in a digital way.




How it works

Simple process to start


Create your Scrypta digital identity to login and use Planum. You can use your .sid file or use Scrypta ID browser extension.

Token Parameters

You can choose name and ticker of your token, data metrics like total supply and decimals, plus few additional features.

Asset Creation

When a new asset is issued, Planum create the first sidechain genesis transaction for the new token and send it yo your identity address.

Asset management

After the token is issued and the balance is visible on the main address, the token can transferred to anyone or stored inside Manent App or Manent Web.

Simple Transfer

Transfer any amount of token to anyone. You just need the Lyra address of the receiver. From inside your token control panel, you have the option to choose which token you want to transfer, the receiver address and the amount, exactly as you do when sending cryptocurrencies to other users.


Each transfer of tokens will cost 0,001 LYRA (roughly $0,00002) and the fee transactions are not correlated to the amount of token supply that is generated or transfered to other users.

Use Manent App for an optimal experience

This will allow to create your first and brand new digital identity, or import an existing one and manage your token easily.

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Sidechain Explorer

A block explorer dedicated to the sidechains that running on Scrypta Blockchain. This tool allows you to explore the whole entire sidechain layer.

Learn how to create your digital
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